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Take part in the 2018 Study on Conversion in Spanish digital businesses

At Flat 101 we want to carry out our third Study on Conversion in Spanish Digital Businesses which is based on digital analytics data. And to be able to do it, we need your help: we require digital businesses that want to collaborate.

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What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of our Study of Conversion in Digital Business is to create and share a non-profit independent analysis based 100% on Spanish digital businesses (e-commerce, apps, leads / coupons, registers …) to understand how the digital business in Spain has really workedduring the last year and its evolution compared to previous years.

In this edition we will study no only e-commerce conversion data, but also any other digital business model, mainly leads acquisition, apps, user registration or consumption times and advertising. We are expanding our study to cover most of the digital business typologies.

This way we will have real data about the average conversion ratios by device, source of traffic, audiences, sectors, etc. And all of them from Spanish businesses, thus creating an autochthonous and realistic reference about the situation in Spain.

I have a digital business, why should I participate in this study?

You should participate because you will have reliable data of your own environment and market. You will not have to rely on UK or USA studies whose metrics have little to do with the Spanish market. The more companies participate, the more reliable the data will be. And, rest assured, your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality through a legal and private agreement. No one will see your data isolated from the rest.

Of course, because your contribution is vital to this study, it must be rewarded. So if you participate, you’ll receive a limited printed edition of the 2018 Study and a surprise that you will certainly love.

What if I do not own an online business?

If you don’t own an online business of any kind you can help us by spreading this request. Remember that the study will be shared and the more participants there are, the more reliable the data will be.

How can I participate?

What we need is very simple: your contact information and the URL of the digital business that will participate. To do this, simply fill in the form below. During the months of June and July of 2018 we will collect the data of all the digital businesses that participate in this study. Last year we had 289 businesses participating and this year we would like to surpass that number.

Once we have received your request, we will contact you to sign the corresponding confidentiality agreement and the responsibility of processing the data.

Our commitment is that all of YOUR DATA WILL BE SECURE AND WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED ISOLATED from other companies data.

Ricardo Tayar, CEO de Flat 101
"Having reliable data is essential to manage any business. Thanks to this study and the participant e-commerce, we finally have reliable data to make estimates and calculations to manage a digital business based on ecommerce"
Ricardo Tayar, CEO de Flat 101

Colaborate with us and take part in our 2018 Study on Conversion in Spanish Digital Busineses

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What were the results of the 2017 study?

Data from 11 different areas of business
More than 250 e-commerces colaborated
More than 5.000 downloads of the study