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At Flat 101 we use Inbound Marketing methodology with one end in mind, to optimize results of the digital channel


We guide our know-how to the optimization of each of the processes that are part of the digital channel

We attract potential users to the site from different traffic sources. We are specialists in optimizing the conversion rate both on ecommerce and in acquisting leads. We do design all the touchpoints of the useful life cycle of a client.

All this following a previously defined client acquisition strategy.


Toda acción a llevar a cabo en el canal digital debe ser consecuencia de una estrategia previamente definida, aquella que va a marcar cuáles son los milestones y los kpis a conseguir.

  • Users acquisition: Through campaigns in Search (SEO, Google Ads campaigns), social campaigns (social ads, SEO on YouTube, etc.) and other actions aimed at increasing awareness of the brand: Content Marketing, Press Releases, blogging, etc.
  • UX and CRO: we optimize the customer journey of your users, driving them to the final goal of your website. Once the first conversion has been made, we work on leads obtained through scoring and nurturing systems, designing all the touchpoints of your service.
  • Analysis: We analyze the entire process carried out in search of inefficiencies on which to optimize performance, following a model of continuous improvement. We include a periodic dashboard with actions and proposals to be made.

Flat 101 service is transversal and can provide support in all areas of the digital field, solving inefficiencies both at a technological level and at a communicative level.



Immersion in the customer's digital business model


Optimizing traffic acquisition


Customer loyalty


Digital strategy


Conversion optimization


Monitoring and web analytics


Optimize profitability on the digital channel and maximize the customer acquisition capacity of your project

  • Any project that seeks to have or improve the profitability of its digital channel
  • Projects related to lead acquisition, contacts or commercial calls
  • E-commerce and projects oriented to sale through the digital channel
  • Brand-new digital projects that seeks to define their customer acquisition strategy

Customer opinions

If you need development specialists to develop or improve your digital business, we can help you.

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