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UX Neuromarketing

Decide or validate your marketing investment based on the non-conscious emotional responses of your customers. Your business will never be so focused on the user.


Neuromarketing does not replace traditional marketing.

It complements it

Using neuromarketing to study our clients, we obtain information about the user experience that comes from the non-conscious response of the individual.

With this technique we avoid mixing the information the users tell with what they are actually feeling.


Neuromarketing can be applied with great success to the study of different areas of marketing

  • Advertising: Find key resources that create connections between the users and the brand.
  • Audience testing: Capture whether users reactions to the content are those that were anticipated: levels of stress, emotional impact, etc.
  • Points of sale: Find out the areas where and purchase inhibitors and motivation take place.
  • Product development: Decide which parts of the product (or its user experience) are the ones with the greatest emotional response in the user so you can decide on what to invest the product evolution budget (features, packaging, etc).
  • Ecommerce: identify elements and versions of the page that produce greater engagement in the user, and less stress when performing certain tasks.

In neuromarketing studies, different biometric signals (heart rate, skin sweating, etc.) and / or brain signals (blood flow, electric fields, etc.) are measured to detect emotional activation and the emotional impact caused by the resources the user has to face.



Immersion and definition


Sample and execution


Analysis and final report


Implementation of insights


Know what your client feels when using your product and improve your business like never before

  • Companies of any size and area of business that want to guarantee the return of their investment in marketing.
  • Ecommerce that need to improve their web conversion or their economic results.
  • Businesses based on novel digital business models and initially unknown to their target audience.
  • Advertising agencies that want to validate the campaigns carried out for their clients.


Customer opinions

If you need development specialists to develop or improve your digital business, we can help you.

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