Web Analytics - Quantitative and Qualitative Digital Analytics

Web analytics

Digital analytics is a key element in the management of any business model based on a web, app or digital environment.


The key to proper digital business management

It is not just about having data about the digital channel performance. That is only the first stage.

The true challenge of web / digital analytics is to convert this data into valuable and actionable information in a useful tool that will help you to decide and correctly manage a digital business.

An incorrect data or misinterpretations ot it will lead to some erroneous decisions that may condemn the future of the project. Therefore, having a well planned and structured web / digital analytics framework is key.


Far beyond the use of measurement tools

Analytics should focus on understanding how users behave in the digital scenario and especially for what. That is the true value information that every company with a digital presence should try to obtain.

Nowadays web / digital analytics is no longer an option and should no longer be thought of as simple data reporting.

A correct management and exploitment of the continuous improvement of an online business involves a good analytics. Without web / digital analytics, a company does not simply know what is happening on its online channel and, therefore, it is blind to decision-making and to be able to evolve and improve its business.

Analytics should focus on understanding how our user acts on the digital scenario and especially for what. That is the true value information that every company with a digital presence should try to obtain.



Identify the project's business objectives


Clearly define the project’s KPIs and make clear its usefulness to achieve objectives


Link those KPIs to the relevant web metrics for their correct measurement


Implement the most appropriate technical solution and document it


Verify that the data collection is correct


Data analysis and obtaining quality insights


Programming and integration with back-office


Implementation of improvements and effectiveness check


Do you want us to help you with your digital project so as to have a reliable and above all useful measurement that allows you the best management?

  • Companies or digital projects that need to know how users behave on their digital channels, understanding them and exploit that information to improve their business, acquiring a key knowledge to achieve their business objectives
  • Companies with an already implemented data culture that need technical services for the implementation of advanced web / digital analytics tools, tool set-up, development of ad hoc measurement applications, or any service more technical related to the planning of data measurement


Customer opinions

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