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Web Analytics

Digital analytics is a key part of managing any business model based on a website, app or digital environment.

You need more than data, you also need quality corroborated information in order to make correct decisions that help grow the digital business.

The role of digital analytics has to be helping the business grow, through quantitative analysis (based on quantities and proportions, such as for example, the number of users that return to buy from us again) and through qualitative analysis, since it’s not about how the website or app is used, but why it’s used).

Our experience from more than 10 years of working on quantitative and qualitative digital analytics is at your disposition. Do you want us to help you with your digital project so you can reliably measure and above all that lets you manage better? Get in touch with us

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Web / digital analytics is the key to properly managing a digital business. It’s not only about having data on the digital channel’s performance. This is only the beginning. The true challenge of web / digital analytics is converting this data into valuable information you can act upon in the management of your digital business, with a useful tool so you can decide and manage a digital business correctly. With poor data or poor interpretations, bad decisions are made that can doom the future of the project. That’s why having a web / digital analytics structure that’s well planned and structured is key.

Web / digital analytics go far beyond the use of measurement tools (such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and tag managers such as Tealium). The analytics have to focus on understanding how our users’ behave on the digital stage and above all why. This is the truly valuable information that all companies with a digital presence should try to achieve.

Without quality information it's impossible to make business decisions focused on improving. In fact, any decision made based on poor quality data or based on incorrect interpretations means a setback in performance or a clear failure.

In Flat 101 focus the web analytics of a company working on the following points:
  • Identify the business objectives for the project
  • Clearly define the KPIs of the project and make its usefulness concerning the objectives clear
  • Link these KPIs to relevant web metrics to measure them correctly
  • Implement a more appropriate technical solution and document it
  • Verify that the data collection is correct
  • Based on the gathered data, do the most important task, analyse that data, in order to get quality insights allowing you to improve the performance of your digital business
  • Propose changes or improvements based on what's observed while always taking into account the core of the business we're working on
  • Execute changes and check their efficiency. Entering a continuous cycle of analysis with the business goals of a website or app at the heart of the process
Today web / digital analytics isn't just optional any more and it shouldn't be thought of as simply reporting data. In great analytics lies the key to correct management and taking advantage of improving the online business. Without web / digital analytics a company simply doesn't know what is going on in its online channel and, as such, doesn't have the information necessary when it comes to decision making in order to be able to grow and improve its business.

Who is this service intended for?

  • Companies and digital projects that need to know how users behave on their digital channels, to understand them and take advantage of this information to improve their business, acquiring key knowledge so they can achieve their business objectives
  • Companies that already have a data culture that need services of technical nature for implementing web / digital analytics tools, tool tuning, development of ad hoc measurement applications, and any technical service or data measurement planning.

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