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PPC Campaigns in Google AdWords (SEM)

Appear in the top positions in Google results quickly is possible with an optimised AdWords campaign.

Dealing with SEO, which requires sustained long-term effort over months, PPC campaigns are used to reinforce traffic acquisition in periods of increases in demand and to optimize the distribution of the sources of clients.

 The acquisition of traffic combined with SEO-SEM helps in the detection where to improve and in the optimization of the conversion of our online business if you implement a campaign adhering to the right strategy.

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Google AdWords advertising campaigns are used very frequently by e-commerce sites, but also by other types of sites with the objective of improving customer loyalty and expand the business’s branding.

Before getting started in the creation of a campaign, you need to have a correct definition of objectives, as well as adjusting the daily / monthly budget in order to know beforehand what the scope of our project is.

Our work always centres on search engine optimization in key metrics, starting with those offered by Google AdWords, from the CPC to CTR to the conversions in our business CPA, CPL, etc.

Our focus on business enables us to focus our Google advertising campaigns on constant improvement in the return-on-investment for our clients. We don't concentrate on metrics that aren't relevant, and instead we seek profitability as a reference point.


How do we work advertising campaigns in Flat 101?
sem methodology
We carry out Google Adwords campaigns in the following way:
  • Immersion in the business / product / client
  • Definition of the campaign goals
  • Project roadmap
  • Implementation
  • Campaign activation
  • Analysis of main KPIs
  • Continuous improvement
  • Monitoring of results
The objective of these campaigns must always be to get a measurable and verifiable return, that can lead to the implementation of new measures or that simply makes selling a product / service to the public via the internet viable.

Who is this service intended for?

  • E-commerce businesses. The campaigns can be used to strengthen periods and particular campaigns, or to send traffic to recently created pages with the objective of measuring demand and the conversion of the page.
  • Recently created digital business models with the goal of increasing your visibility quickly and looking for your place in the market.
  • Sites with online reputation problems, with the objective of announcing specific image improvement campaigns
  • Market niches with intense SEO competition

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