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Decide or validate your marketing investment based on the subconscious emotional responses of your customers. Your business will never be so user centred.

Neuromarketing deals with answering the same questions as traditional marketing: How to invest my ever limited budget in order to generate more sales. The new contribution of neuromarketing is that we take decisions analysing, along with other information, the unconscious emotional response of your customers / users: brain and biometric signals.

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Using neuromarketing in order to study our clients, we obtain information about the user experience from the unconscious response of the individual. In this way we avoid words concealing the information we want to obtain. In neuromarketing studies they measure different biometric signals (heartbeat, skin perspiration, etc.) and/or brain signals (blood flow, electrical fields, etc.) in order to detect the emotional activation and the emotional impact that the resources we confront provoke. Neuromarketing does not substitute traditional marketing, it supplements it.


Neuromarketing can be applied successfully to study different areas of marketing: advertising spots and advertising in general, audience testing and screenings for trailers and films, studies on points of sale, product development, online sales, etc.

Neuromarketing can be successfully applied to the study of different marketing areas.
  • Advertising: in order to detect key resources that generate a connection between users and the brand.
  • Audience testing: during the screening of trailers and films, in order to detect if the reactions people have to the content are what was intended (certain level of stress during a suspenseful action, emotional impact of particular moments of the trailer, etc.).
  • Points of sale: for detecting the areas of the business where motivation and inhibition are produced when making purchases.
  • Product development: deciding which part of the product (or of the user's experience) has the largest impact on the emotional response of the user when deciding what should be invested in within the product development budget.
  • E-commerce: in order to identify elements and versions of the page that produce the most user engagement, and the least amount of stress when carrying out given tasks.
Advertising, audience testing in screenings for trailers and films, study of points of sale, development of new products and optimisation of E-commerce sites. These are some of the areas where neuromarketing is being applied and producing exceptional results.

Who is this service intended for?

  • Companies, regardless of size or sector, wanting to guarantee a return on their marketing investment.
  • E-commerce businesses that require improving conversion for the website or financial results.
  • Businesses based on the latest digital business models and initially unknown by their target audience
  • Advertising agencies wanting to validate the campaigns undertaken for their clients.

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