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Inbound Marketing

At Flat 101 we use the Inbound Marketing methodology always with the aim in mind of optimizing the results of the digital channel.

There are a large number of actions that belong to the general strategy of Inbound Marketing. Our work methodology in any phase of the project is always “Inbound,” directing our know-how towards the optimization of each of the processes that are a part of the digital channel.

We attract potential users to the site from different sources of traffic, we specialize in optimizing the conversion both in ecommerce and in leads acquisition, and we design all the touchpoints of a client’s useful life; all this while following a previously defined recruitment strategy.

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Every action that has to be carried out in the digital channel must be a consequence of a previously defined strategy, the one that will define which milestones and KPIs are to be achieved.

We count with a team that specializes in acquiring users via Search campaigns (search engine optimization, Google AdWords campaigns), social campaigns (social ads, YouTube positioning, etc.) and other actions aimed at increasing the awareness of the brand: content marketing, press releases, blogging, etc.

In the step prior to conversion, we specialize in UX and CRO, optimizing our user’s customer journey and guiding them towards the final aim of the site. After completing the first conversion, we work on the leads we have acquired via scoring and nurturing systems, designing all the touchpoints of our service.

We analyze the whole implemented process searching for inefficiencies on which to optimize the performance, following a continuous improvement model. We include periodic dashboarding with actions + proposals to perform.

The service of Flat 101 is transversal and can provide support in all areas of the digital field, solving inefficiencies both on a technological and a communications level.


How is our inbound process?
This is our work process, with which we are able to optimize the full Inbound process, as well as each of the points independently.
  • Immersion in the client's digital business model.
  • Digital Strategy
  • Traffic acquisition optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Customer loyalty
  • Web Analytics
With Inbound Marketing, the final goal is always to optimize profitability in the digital channel and to maximize our project’s capacity for the acquisition of clients.

Who is this service intended for?

  • Any project that aims to obtain or improve the profitability of its digital channel
  • Ecommerce and projects aimed at sales through a digital channel
  • Projects for acquiring leads, contacts, or commercial calls
  • Newly created digital projects that aim to define their client acquisition strategy

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