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Ecommerce - Design and Development

E-commerce, to be effective, has to be properly conceptualised, and developed thinking about the business goals.

E-commerce is one of the key digital business models at present, since it enables access to a global market and the ability to compete on a much larger stage than the more limited physical one.

We have worked on more than 200 e-commerce projects over the last 10 years. We know the most popular CMSs well, such as Shopify, Prestashop and Magento, and we have also developed made-to-measure solutions. Our know-how is at your disposition in order to find the best solution in order to design the ideal e-commerce site.

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Commercialization through the digital channel (internet, apps) is increasingly a way of selling and buying that’s standar in the habits of consumers, and increasingly businesses as well. Whether they are digital or not, they want to take advantage of the potential of online channels.

In recent years, the boom in e-commerce and the progression in user purchasing habits have made this sales method become increasingly adopted as a business model.

However, just as in a traditional business, setting up and launching electronic commerce, an online shop, can be very simple, but the real difficulty lies in ensuring that this business offering has value, and, above all, is useful and used by the potential customers we target.

Anyone can set up e-commerce, but not everyone can sell on the internet.

In addition to the choice of technology for an online shop (Prestashop, Magento, Zen Cart, etc.) the truly important thing, and the challenge to overcome, is having a clear business model. Technology is only one part of the job, but it isn't a solution in and of itself.


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Our work methodology for the design, development and launching of e-commerce is based on working in the following areas:
  • Understanding the client's business model.
  • Modelling the business in the digital layer.
  • Relation of key features.
  • Integration requirements at the business level.
  • Choice of development technology.
  • Development of information architecture, prototyping and design of information.
  • Visual design.
  • Programming and integration with back office.
  • Configuration and launching of preproduction environment.
  • Starting production.
The mere act of putting up an online shop and it functioning, does not imply having a clear digital business model. It is an important part of the value chain, but not the only one. E-commerce must work fully considering all aspects that will have an impact on the future performance of the online shop.

Who is this service intended for?

  • Companies wanting to conceptualise and develop an e-commerce system in order to directly sell their products and services.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to take advantage of the digital channel as the main means of communication

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