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Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is a essential process for all current companies wanting to compete in a market that is increasingly globalised, interconnected and digital.

Digital transformation means a change in the way of doing things within a company and in the way in which it interacts with its customers and stakeholders, adapting to the digital environment throughout its entire structure.

Without properly adapting to the digital environment, no current company will be able to be competitive in the medium-term. This is why such an organization change as well as a change in processes, turning to a model of executing and managing supported to a considerable extent by the digital environment and its systems, is beyond necessary today in practically any company.


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Large multinational companies, and even small companies focusing on direct selling of products or providing services in any sector, are taking advantage of this situation and adapting their online marketing strategies, to achieve success internationally.

The digital transformation is a process through which companies with traditional productive processes transform their business and organisation structure into a management and work system taking full advantage of all the potential and power of all aspects of the digital channel.


At Flat 101 we focus on the digital transformation of a company by working on the following areas:
methodology trasnformacion
The project, generally, is structured into these areas:
  • Knowledge about work flow and current processes
  • Definition of digital needs of the company in each area that comprises it
  • Preparation of corporate toolkits for the digitalisation of its different areas
  • Coaching and backing through out the process
  • Internal training for digital adaption
  • Tracking for the process
  • Consultancy for the status of the transformation once it's under way
Any current company, regardless of its size, must learn and internalise how to take advantage of the digital channel, how to turn itself into a digital company. Digital transformation is a necessary process for being able to compete in the current market and all companies should consider it.

Who is this service intended for?

  • Companies wanting to conceptualise and develop an e-commerce system for directly selling their products or services
  • Entrepreneurs that want to exploit the digital channel as a means of commercialisation

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