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Digital Identity Development

A key part of the success of any business is being able to offer a user experience that's consistent and coherent, at the same time different from the rest of the competition.

A suitable digital identity is much more than a good looking logo. It is a platform capable of conveying the personality of a brand defined through all points of contact.

Digital identity is the starting point and constant reference point from which the user experience is managed, not only through periodic advertising, but also influencing all commercial and communications actions of an online company.


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The development of a digital identity is closely linked to digital transformation and the development of a digital business. The digital identity is the result of distilling the digital business plan in a personality of the brand, represented in a platform comprised of assets and foundational principles. Through these, the companies can agilely manage positioning in the market and the perception, of both their customers as well as their employees and suppliers.

The digital identity is formed from the DNA of the company. It means not only being a digital marketing tool for acquiring and holding on to customers, but a platform that influences all of the management and decision systems of the company.


In a competitive market such as the one at present, where a company pays attention to its digital identity, it's key to being efficient in any area of business. This is because without managing the brand, the user experience will be chaotic and unpredictable, putting the whole digital business plan at risk.


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At Flat 101 we focus on developing the digital identity of a company by working on the following:
  • Immersion in the digital business model of the client
  • Analysing the competition
  • Brand audit
  • Creation/revision of the brand strategy, in-line with the business model
  • Development of the look & feel and the personality of the brand through a prototyped tone of voice and visual language
  • Creation of the brand toolkit and key principles
  • Consultancy and tracking of the implementation of the brand
Any current company, independent of its size, must learn how to manage coherent experiences for users, in both the digital channel and offline. Digital identity is a necessary tool for being able to compete in the current market and every company should consider it.

Who is this service intended for?

  • Companies immersed in a digital transformation process that need to revise and update their strategy and brand expression.
  • Companies needing to conceptualise and develop an electronic commerce system to directly sell their products or services
  • Entrepreneurs that want to exploit the digital channel as a means of commercialisation

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