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The impact on digital business

At Flat 101 we have carried out an exhaustive independent report based on data from more than 300 Spanish digital businesses and on surveys and interviews conducted with a sample of more than 1,700 people.

Datos basados en fuentes de analĂ­tica
Data Based

Trends and behavior in digital business sectors, such as fashion, food, media consumption, consumer electronics or cosmetics and perfumery, among others.

Personas con emociones contradictorias

An analysis of mood, consumption trends and post-Covid-19 intentions based on a survey with a sample of more than 1,700 people.

Insights extraĂ­dos de ejemplos aplicados
Commented examples

A detailed compilation of examples of good practices and resources that companies have implemented these days, where you can get inspiration or know what is being done in each sector.

An independent report

This is an independent report carried out by Flat 101 autonomously with data samples from Spanish digital assets, users and business sectors.

You can use this report, its data and graphics freely and without charge, but always quoting and linking the source:

These data are provided by Flat 101 - www.flat101.es 

Three different analysis in one report

More than 10 sectors were analyzed, more than 1700 people were surveyed and about 50 examples with recommendations.

Quantitative analysis

We analyze trends and data based on the impact of the situation generated by Covid-19 in more than 10 digital business sectors.

Learn how different business lines are taking advantage from this situation and how other business models are negatively impacted.


We carried out an independent analysis to know the motivations, habits and intentions of the Spaniards on the digital scenario during this crisis and what the future intentions are.

More than 1,700 people were surveyed and more than 100 personal interviews were done to understand how this situation has affected us and what we expect in the future.

Insights and recommendations

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been compiling good practices and initiatives by the activity sector: banking, insurance, retail, media, content platforms, etc.

What is being done? Here is the answer.

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We are Flat 101

At Flat 101 we want to help you understand this moment that we are living in the best possible way, as this will allow us to design a better future. We hope that with this contribution we can help you with a better perspective on your projects in this period of time.

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