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I’m an SEO and I don’t have PageRank, now what?

Google elimina el PageRank del Toolbox

This past 7th of March Google decided to definitively eliminate PageRank from its browser’s toolbar. This change caused quite an uproar among webmasters world-wide.

To better understand the reasons, we’re going to look at what led up to this:

What it is, and why is PageRank important?

This algorithm developed by Google in 1999 gave us a numerical value (from 0 to 10) on the authority of a webpage as far as the quality and quantity of its links are concerned.

This metric first appeared in 2000 when Google launched a toolbar for Internet Explorer that showed us the numerical value assigned to each webpage. From this moment on, a link economy was spawned and with it the goal of achieving the best PageRank on our sites.

In order to increase the number we were assigned, we needed quality links directing to our website. However this wasn’t always easy and link purchasing networks were developed so people could artificially increase their PageRank. Faced with these developments, Google had to launch its famous “nofollow” tag in 2005.

We should point out that the most recent update to this algorithm was in December 2013. The Google team warned that they wouldn’t be updating the public PageRank again, which would led to the famous question Is PageRank dead? Publicly yes, internally never.

The good part of this stir is that it would be more difficult to calculate the value of a website, which would mean massive link-building strategies being reduced and the sale of links becoming more difficult.

How has the public received this?

The event has caused quite a stir and has left webmasters wondering:

Will Google continue taking into account the value this metric offered us even though it isn’t visible anymore?

Of course. Even though it won’t be visible for users, it will continue being a highly important and relevant factor on the web, among other ones that form a part of its ranking algorithm.

Is the update going to change the way our websites are shown on search result pages?

Not at all. This update won’t affect our positioning in SERPs; they simply no longer provide the metric for us visually.

What other alternatives do I have for calculating my web relevance?

We can use, among other tools, Open Site Explorer from Moz. This tool offers us domain authority, page authority and the spam score for our website.

If it’s true that it’s been a long time since it was updated, the disappearance of this way of checking value affects things when comprehensively analysing the relevance of a website. However, given the other alternatives available, all is not lost webmasters!

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