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Conversion rate per browser – 2016


Why is the conversion rate per browser in our ecommerce important? Each browser, as is obvious, has different characteristics, and they are normally used by different types of users.

Since the first web browser was created in 1991, many alternatives have appeared in the market. They continually appear and disappear. But some of them are well consolidated and occupy the bulk of users. And analyzing the data that we found in the Study of Conversion in Spanish Ecommerce 2016, we will discuss the following points:

  • Conversion rate by browser.
  • Importance of the conversion rate per browser.

Conversion Rate by Browser

The conversion rate associated with a browser does not tell us that the use of that browser is the only cause for that rate..  There are many external factors that influence the conversion rate, and may or may not be related to the type of browser used.

For this reason we have to know how each of these converts, because it gives us information about the type of user that our web converts the most, and if the reason for this conversion is in the user or in the design. Let’s see what data we obtained in the Conversion Study in Spanish Ecommerce 2016:

Ratio de conversión por navegador estudio ecommerce 2016
Table with the conversion data by browser of the Conversion Study in Spanish Ecommerce 2016

The data we obtain is very varied, and from it we can extract many insights. We see that there is no doubt: the different browsers have different conversion rates. Internet Explorer and Firefox have higher average conversion rates, and the data is distributed in a disparate way, with large differences between minimums, maximums and between medians and means of each data.

And we would like to highlight a remarkable fact:the conversion rate of Android, very low, of 0.33% of users. his browser is exclusively used on some mobile devices. We can draw a very clear conclusion from this in the data collected throughout 2015 and 2016 for this study,: people convert little by the Android browser.

Importance of the conversion rate per browser

So far, we have analyzed all the data in a cross way that we have about conversion in the Conversion Study in Spanish Ecommerce 2016, and we see that normally, the ecommerce that have the best average conversion rate also have better conversion by all medium sources and devices. Therefore, they are optimized ecommerce.

The accessibility of browsers to the web is a point that must be considered when designing and creating the web. While it is true that we are interested in knowing the CR associated with a browser when building and maintaining our website, we must never limit the number of users that can access it;; As a general rule, we have to make our ecommerce accessible to as many browsers as possible, instead of worrying just about the one that provides the greatest conversion.

Therefore, we know that the conversion rate according to the browser has some data that is distributed in a very heterogeneous way among the different analyzed etailers. We only found a browser that gives us a very low conversion ratio (and quite similar between average and median): Android. Used exclusively on mobile devices, and less and less in use, since most mobile traffic has diversified and uses browsers such as Chrome and Safari currently; Android, with decreasing data in user number, also obtains a significantly lower conversion ratio.

Are these data still the same in 2017?

The use of mobile devices to navigate and purchase products or services is changing rapidly. It is expected that these data will be different in the following study. All this and much more we will discuss at the presentation event to which you can sign up in this link:  Event of presentation of the Study on Conversion in Spanish Ecommerce of Flat 101. Here we will see new data of the 2017 version and a comparison will be made with the data of this 2016 study.


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