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Winners of the eAwards in 2016, for the second year running

We have held onto the title after winning it in 2015. A sincere THANK YOU to all those who helped us to win this award that recognizes us as the Best agency for the creation and design of eCommerce in Spain again, as the only company to have achieved this award two years running. The…

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What neuromarketing can teach us about information design in web usability

We continue presenting what we’ve learned from the neuromarketing study undertaken on three popular e-commerce fashion sites: H&M, Asos and Zara. In our previous post we explained how, at a somatic level, we had seen Hick’s law and the paradox of choice for users who shopped on e-commerce fashion sites, the focus of our latest neuromarketing…

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Log-based and JavaScript-based web analytics, pros and contras

If I look back at the end of the 90s, when I started work in this delightful web/digital sector, I already used web analytics without being aware of it (because the term “web analytics” was not in use), by regularly consulting tools such as Webalizer (my favourite) or AWStats. They were primitive in terms of…

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The rise of the meta tags: the latest changes in Google’s SERPs that you need to know about

The sector of Search Engine Marketing has been stirred up this week by Google’s decision to make more changes to the look of its search result pages. They surprised us only three months ago with the elimination of the PPC advertising on the right margin, and this month kicked off with surprises related with SEO.…

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Neuromarketing study undertaken of 3 e-commerce sites in the fashion industry. Summary of most noteworthy insights revealed.

Insights on usability and user experience achieved in the neuromarketing study done on three popular online shops. At Flat 101 we often have highly varied requests from our clients, but among my favourites is “I want an online shop like the one X has”, with X being a company listed on the IBEX 35. My first…

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Organic traffic as an analytic tool. Analytics and SEO

It has become something of a cliché to state how important measurement is when making improvements to a web page and any type of online activity in general. It is a cliché that we have no intention of dispelling. On the contrary, we believe that you cannot improve something without understanding it, and as far…

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I’m an SEO and I don’t have PageRank, now what?

This past 7th of March Google decided to definitively eliminate PageRank from its browser’s toolbar. This change caused quite an uproar among webmasters world-wide. To better understand the reasons, we’re going to look at what led up to this: What it is, and why is PageRank important? This algorithm developed by Google in 1999 gave…

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How to avoid penalization in a Google Phantom Update

Sometime around the end of last April and beginning of May, sites such as HubPages raised an alarm when they detected serious loss of position among SERPs and an inexplicable loss of traffic. The following days saw significant changes in the websites that rapidly dropped in terms of Google results, losing up to 20% of…

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How to secure WordPress (Part 1 of 3)

How to secure wordpress All WordPress sites get regularly attacked, if we don’t see something that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This issue will be dealt with over three posts where we’ll get into how to make a WordPress site secure.. Step-by-step we’ll show you the keys to being able to survive after an attack…

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You still haven’t got the improved e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics? 7 reasons why you should update

I’m sure you want to know more about your e-commerce business Our online business is running and Google Analytics can offer us relevant information about it: the conversion rate, the numbers of transactions and products sold. Wouldn’t you like to know more about it? Google Analytics offers you two versions to monitor your e-commerce activity: the normal service, which…

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