About Flat 101 - Flat101

Solving the problems of an uncertain world

We optimize our clients' businesses with a proprietary data informed methodology. We understand the business and create innovative solutions. And all of this in a social and working environment of integration and respect.


Business-focused intelligence and scientific method

Our goal is to improve the performance of our clients' digital businesses, to make them perform at the highest level. To achieve this, we employ our own methodology based on the use of data and research as drivers of improvement and innovation. To this we add our experience in multiple projects and sectors, and our proven knowledge in:

  • CRO
  • UX/UI
  • Technology applied to business
  • Traffic acquisition and management
  • Data analysis

Under this data-informed scientific method approach we achieve the best results for our clients, and we do it with elegance and innovation.

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Let's talk
Let's talk


Innovation, intelligence and creativity in an environment of diversity, inclusion and solidarity.

There are a number of values that are part of our way of doing things: commitment, ethics, honesty, transparency, respect, inclusion. The almost 200 people who make up the company firmly believe in ethics as an asset in our work. We like to speak clearly, with affection, and to create projects in which the people who work with us feel they are truly involved.

We work with our clients, not for our clients. We integrate ourselves into their business and form a unique and cohesive team with them.

The way we do things is as important as the work we do. And our way of doing things is closely linked to these values. That defines us, makes us different and forms part of our identity.

Innovation Hub

We like to unleash our creativity and innovation. We are the creators of the renowned Conversion Study based on real data from Spanish digital businesses published annually since 2016.

We conduct independent sector studies that we publish for free. We hold free online events, "Flat 101 Digital Sessions", with professionals from different disciplines who showcase their know-how in real projects.

We are sponsors of the international reference podcast on CRO, CRO.Café.

Equality Committee

Equality between men and women enriches us on a personal and professional level. The Equality Committee, made up of our employees, in close collaboration with Human Resources and Management, ensures the well-being of people in the workplace.

We are socially responsible

We promote actions aimed at improving, as far as possible, the quality of life of the communities where we are present. Over the last 8 years, we have sponsored non-profit projects and social action projects.

Some of the initiatives in which we have collaborated: Emergency Committee, Doctors of the World, Books that unite, Participatory Psychology, Luis Olivares Foundation, etc.


All dimensions,
all singularities

Freedom of thought and curiosity are the basis for innovation and looking to the future. We rely on courageous and ambitious teams who share our values and our approach to challenges:

Less complex, more creativity

Less complex, more creativity

Without expression there is no creativity, and with complexes there are no creative acts. We encourage the freedom of free and proactive thinking.

We learn the rules to transform them

We learn the rules to transform them

We like to learn the manual. We're nerds like that. And with that manual we look outside the box for solutions.

Professional, yes, but also curious and spontaneous.

Professional, yes, but also curious and spontaneous.

We are serious people who laugh. Because the spontaneous is a friend of the innovative, we trust in those little light bulbs that light up when we let loose.

We celebrate singularities

We celebrate singularities

We believe in the power of our combined differences. We are an inclusive and egalitarian team that takes pride in its ideas.

A place for all dimensions

A place for all dimensions

The life of each person in the team is the most important thing. Inside, outside and in all its dimensions. That's why we have a conciliatory timetable. We like balance. The well-being of our team starts before the computer is switched on.

What is it like to work at Flat 101?

At Flat 101 we work as a team with an absolute focus on our clients' objectives. Flexibility and autonomy characterise us.

Intensive working hours all year round, teleworking and hybrid options, family reconciliation, personal responsibility and organisation in self-managed teams are all part of our operations.

Our training plans, career plans, talent programmes and participation in leading events in the sector are the path to continuous improvement for everyone on the team. And we know how to have fun together.